Stock Compensation Advisors

Stock Compensation Advisors

The tax and investment decisions around stock compensation need to be carefully analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Often, stock compensated employees attempt to do this analysis alone and end up with negative tax and investment results. Your CPA, working together with our experienced team of Financial Planners and Investment Advisors positions you to make well planned and well executed decisions to get the most from your equity compensation.

Cash Planning – Planning for Exercising Your Stock Options

  • Establish a budget to save the funds needed to exercise options
  • Generate liquidity to pay-off additional taxes that may result from grant, exercise, or vesting
  • Set salary deferral targets in ESPP’s as part of an overall budget

Incentive Stock Options, Non-Qualified Stock Options and Restricted Stock

  • Review the different tax consequences of ESPPs, ISOs, NQSOs, and RSUs
  • Develop strategies with your CPA to help minimize your tax liability

Marin Wealth Advisors LLC is not a CPA or tax preparation firm. We work closely with our clients’ CPAs and tax professionals to provide the best possible financial planning and investment advice.

Investment Planning & Education – When & How to Diversify

  • Pros & cons of retaining concentrated employer stock positions vs. diversifying to a global portfolio
  • Weighing the merits of your investment decisions against tax consequences
  • Learning about the various investment options available to diversify concentrated stock positions
    • Individual stocks & bonds
    • Index funds
    • Mutual funds

MWA Virtual Advisor – An Investment Account That Grows With You 

1. Access to our Automated Online Investment Advisor

  • Open your account online to help manage your concentrated stock position.
  • Balance your tolerance for volatility with your need for growth and/or income
  • Diversify your concentrated stock into one of Marin Wealth Advisor’s carefully-constructed model portfolios
  • Monitor your portfolio online and on your mobile device
  • Automatic Rebalancing
  • Utilize Tax-Loss Harvesting
  • Marin Wealth Advisors will be there when you need help

2. Collaborate with our team of Financial Planning & Investment Management experts as more complex issues arise

3. Our enhanced advisory service  is ready for you as your need for more structured personal advice grows

Complimentary Stock Compensation Tax Review – ESPPs, ISOs, NQSOs, & RSUs

  • Gather the documents for your equity grant package
  • Prepare a list of questions you want to discuss
  • Contact Us for a Free 1-Hour Consultation in person, by phone, or a video-conference (Skype)

Marin Wealth Advisors LLC is not a CPA or tax preparation firm. We work closely with our clients’ CPAs and tax professionals to provide the best possible financial planning and investment advice.