Investment Management Strategy Applying the Highest Standards


Quality Investments

At Marin Wealth Advisors, we seek out the highest quality Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs,)  No-Load Mutual Funds, and individual stocks and bonds. We take the extra step of screening stocks and bonds to ensure you’re invested in companies with strong business fundamentals and rational valuations. We screen our Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and No Load Mutual Funds for the best possible diversification. Tax efficiency, diversification, and a meeting your financial goals are our highest priorities. We use the same investments in our individualized portfolios and model portfolios.

Individualized Investment Management

We develop a comprehensive investment strategy specifically for you. We structure and manage your investment portfolio based on parameters for risk and potential returns consistent with your investment goals. If you’re retired or close to retiring, we understand that income generation may be an important component of investing for you. Likewise, investors of all ages are interested in growing their wealth. We at Marin Wealth Advisors remain focused on the highest quality growth stocks and funds.

Choices for Your Investment Portfolio

We utilize the best available research and data to select quality investments in our clients’ accounts:  Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and No-Load and Index Mutual Funds, as well as Growth Stocks, Value Stocks, Treasury, Agency, Corporate Bonds, Tax-Free Municipal Bonds, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs.) All our investments are publicly traded securities, as we are committed to transparency and liquidity.

Model Investment Portfolios – Diversification for the Long Term

Investor performance is highly dependent on proper diversification and improved investor behavior. We offer model portfolios designed to achieve the appropriate level of diversification while assuring a steady, stay the course, structure for the attainment of long term financial goals. Our models are designed to meet your unique investment profile, from very conservative to aggressive. 

Our Responsibilities as a Fiduciary

We at Marin Wealth Advisors believe in placing our client’s best interests first. Therefore, we commit to the following five fiduciary principles:

  • We will always put our client’s best interests first.
  • We will act with prudence; with the skill, care, diligence, and good judgment of a professional.
  • We will not mislead you. We provide conspicuous, full and fair disclosure of all important facts.
  • We will avoid conflicts of interest.
  • We will fully disclose and fairly manage, in your favor, any unavoidable conflicts.