Prepare for Your Meeting With an Estate Planning Professional

Estate Planning

Prepare for Your Time With an Estate Planning Professional

Your Estate Planning Information Presented Accurately and Efficiently

Here Are Some Steps We Can Help With:

  • Consider Your Estate Planning Goals: Do you want to provide for your children or grandchildren, reduce estate taxes, make bequests to charities, or set up a trust for a special needs relative?
  • Gather Your Estate Planning Financial Information about your assets, investments, real property, businesses, valuable personal property and anything else you would like to distribute upon your death. Creating a professional financial plan is the best way to gather information and prepare for your meeting with an estate planning professional.
  • Digital Tools Save Time and Money – We can help you digitize your important documents, accessible only to your trusted advisors in a clear and concise format.
  • Create Your Healthcare Power of Attorney – In addition to your estate, you need to make choices about who will represent your interests with doctors if you become incapacitated. You do this with a healthcare power of attorney. You also need a living will, which tells medical staff what to do in the event you’re placed on life support.
  • A Financial Power of Attorney is similar to a health care power of attorney, only it appoints someone to handle your financial affairs. This person should not only be trustworthy, but also understand something about finance or investing. This document may also be called a “property” power of attorney.