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An Investment Plan: Online for You
After completing our online advisor simple questionnaire about your investing experience, timeline and risk tolerance, you will receive an  recommended investment plan that’s truly tailored to your goals.


Automatic Re Balancing: Keeping You On Track
To keep you in the best position to benefit from the potential growth in all the various asset classes, your portfolio is continuously monitored and automatically re-balanced so that it remains aligned with your recommended plan.


Your Portfolio: Diversified and Optimized
Your investment account will feature a diversified portfolio made of important asset classes: growth and value stocks, government and corporate bonds, and real estate all in leading Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs.)


Online Wealth Management: Intuitive and Tax-Aware
You can easily transfer money in and out of your accounts with just a few clicks. Behind the scenes, our intelligent technology determines the right mix of securities to buy and sell, considering costs, tax consequences and more.

  • MWA Balanced Income & Growth – Enhanced yield from quality bonds plus covered call premium, preferred stock, and dividends.
  • MWA Long Term Wealth Builder I – Simple, straightforward and productive. A great place for growing assets.
  • MWA Long Term Wealth Builder II – Assertive wealth building from diversified growth assets.
  • MWA Diversified Retirement Fund – Great place for 401k Rollovers. Diversified in all the smart ways; asset class, capitalization and geography.


Everyday Convenience On Our Online Investment Platform

Automatic Investing
To ensure you invest regularly and benefit from the power of dollar-cost averaging, you can easily set-up recurring deposits into your account. Just set it and go.


24/7 Account Access
You’ll be able to track your investments online at your convenience 24/7. From portfolio balance and investment performance, to online money transfers and account statements, you’ll find everything you need to stay engaged with your investments.


Mobile Access
Stay connected to your investments while you’re on the go. Check out your account information, transfer money and receive account alerts… all from the device of your choice.


Low Fees

Our MWA Online Advisor clients enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our online investment platform, access to professionally managed model portfolios, access to discounted financial planning, and a state of the art financial aggregation dashboard that displays daily updates to all their financial accounts no matter where they are held, all for .6% of their MWA Online Advisor assets.


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